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How To Eat Foods High In Vitamins Without Breaking Your Fast

How to get vitamins naturally on water fasting?

I suppose you could take a multi-vitamin but that's not how our ancestors got their vitamins and it's not how the body evolved to consume vitamins. So, you can't be sure that your body will absorb them all properly. Forunately, there are many super high vitamins fruits and veggies out there.

So, which vitamins do you need to worry about while fasting?

There are fat soluable vitamins like A,E,K but these your body can get from the fat stores. It's the water soluable vitamins like B and C vitamins that you should aim to get everyday.

But, how to do that naturally without a multi-vitmain, without breaking your fast?

The trick is to pick veggies that are super high in nutrients but have almost 0 calories and almost 0 sugars. This minimizes the blood sugar spike to almost nothing.

Here is a list of the very highest vitamin C density foods. In this case, I've normalized the data to 10 calories and shown the serving size of how much to eat for 10 calories.

Highest Vitamin-C Dense foods

Food Vitamin C Quantity
Red/Green Bell Peppers 55% 1/3 Medium (2.5" diameter)
Watercress 52% 2.5 cups
Pak-Choi 46% 5 leafs ~ 70g
Mustard Greens 36% 2/3 cup
Broccoli 35% 1/3 cup
Kale 32% 1/4 cup
Brussel Sprouts 26% 1.2 sprouts
Cauliflower 25% 1/3 cup
Strawberries 24% 2.5 medium
Lemon 24% 1 small lemon
*All our data comes from the USDA Nutrient Database.

As you can see, you're just a few fractional veggies away from meeting your Vitamin-C needs.

If you want to see how we came up with these numbers check out our Nutrient based Food/Recipe Finder

Try to eat them raw. If you boil them in water, vitamin C, the b-vitamins and potassium can be reduced.

According to data from the USDA, carrots loose 14% of their potassium, after you've boiled them.

Where can I get B-vitamins naturally while fasting?

We're going to do the same thing for the b-vitamins. Calculate how much b vitamins are in a 20 calorie serving and show you how much that is.

Highest Vitamin-B Dense foods

Food B1 B2 B3 Quantity
Nutritional Yeast
180% 160% 70% 1 Tbsp
Portobello Mushrooms 6% 34% 29% 1 mushroom.
White Mushrooms 7% 33% 27% 1 cup
Asparagus 14% 13% 8% 7 medium spears
Beet Greens 9% 18% 3% 3 leafs
Spinach 7% 15% 5% 10 raw leafs
Bak-Choi 6% 10% 6% 1 cup
Dandelion greens 8% 11% 3% 1 cup

Certain kinds of seafood are especially high in B12. Their desnity is so high, you only need to eat a very small amount. The following increments are shown for 20 calories.

Food B12 Quantity
Clam 668% 1.5
Alaska King Crab 107% 1/2 leg
Herring, Atlantic 86% 1.3 tbsp
Caviar 79% 1.3 tsp
Emu Oyster 48% 1 small
Atlantic Mackerel 43% 1 Tbsp
Silk Unswtnd 37% 1/5 cup

Well, there you have it. Now, you can go all natural, nothing artificial needed. Just pack in a few veggies, a clam and your good to go.




Kale.World is all about nutritional density – all our findings are normalized on a per calorie basis, making it easier to compare various foods.