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Is White Bread Nutritionally Useless

We've all heard it. Carbs are now the enemy. Rice and White bread are public enemy number 1. But, don't be so quick to dismiss good old white bread. It's been present since the beginning of civilization. Let's take a quick look at it's nutrition. I've normalized this to 2000 calories, so these charts would show you your nutrition intake if all you ate was white french bread for the day, not that you should!

It may surprise some: white bread is actually quite high in protein and quite low in fiber. White bread provides (8g/1000 calories) about half the amount of recommended fiber you need (14g/1000 calories), normalized for calories.

Its low fiber may partly explain why it's not particularly satiating. The Holt Satiety Index uses white bread as it's standard. Normalized for calories, most foods tested did better on satiety.

From a nutrient standpoint, we see lots of minerals and B vitamins. It's high in Iron, Manganese, Selenium, and Protein. So, don't feel bad if this is one of your staples, just don't eat it all day. And, if you want to see how white bread ranks against other foods, check out our nutritional density calculator.

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