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Very Highest Protein Foods From Each Food Group

Everyone knows meat is high in protein, but what kinds of meat? And, did you know that fruits, vegetables and even breads can be moderately high in protein as well? Well, I've got all the numbers to prove it. I'm going to show you which foods are the very highest in protein from each food group.

Each row shows how much protein is in 200 calories of that food and 3000 calories. That's not to say that you should only eat one food the entire day! Each food contributes to your health in it's own way with varying amounts of micronutrients. But, normalizing for calories makes comparison much easier. And regardless, whether you count them or your body counts them, ultimately, your consumption will be determined by calories.

Fruits Protein 200 cal Protein 3000 cal
Blackberries 6.5g 98g
Apricots 5.8g 87g
Kumquats 5.3g 80
Cantaloupe 5g 75g
Nectarines 4.8g 72g
Peaches 4.6g 69g
Oranges 4.2g 63g
Pomegranites 4.2g 63g

Vegetables Protein 200c Protein 3000c
Watercress 42g 630g
Zucchini 26g 390g
Spinach 25g 375g
Pak Choi 23g 345g
Asparagus 22g 330g
Arugula 20g 300g
Lettuce 20g 300g
Brocolli 17g 255g

Grains Protein 200c Protein 3000c
Whole Grain Bread 10g 150g
French Bread 8g 120g
Buckwheat 7.7g 116g
Quinoa 7.7g 116g
Granola 6g 90g
Millet 5.8g 87g
White all-purpose flour 5.7g 86g
Barley 5.6g 84g

Beans Protein 200c Protein 3000c
Kidney beans 27g 405g
Soybeans 18g 270g
Navy beans 18g 270g
Fava beans 18g 270g
White beans 14g 210g
Black beans 13g 195g
Great Northern Beans 13g 195g
Pinto Beans 13g 195g

Meats Protein 200c Protein 3000c
Egg White 45g 675g
Crab 44g 660g
Ling 44g 660g
Cod 44g 660g
Tuna 44g 660g
Lobster 42g 630g
steak 39g 585g
Shrimp 38g 570g
Halibut 38g 570g

Dairy Protein 200c Protein 3000c
Non-fat Milk 20g 300g
Mozarrella, part skim 19g 285g
Lowfat yogurt 16g 240g
Swiss Cheese 15g 225g
Bacon 14g 210g
Gruyere 14g 210g
Goat Cheese 13g 195g
Cheddar 12g 180g

Well, there you have it. Even on a high protein diet, you don't have to eat meat all day long. You can get high or very protein from every food category! And, if you wanna know where this data came from, try our Nutrient based Food/Recipe Finder




Kale.World is all about nutritional density – all our findings are normalized on a per calorie basis, making it easier to compare various foods.