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Strawberries Vs Tomatoes

Today we're going to be comparing two of my favorite healthy snacks: strawberries and tomatoes. They're both equally handy: you can grab them on the go bringing the entire container if you want. And, they're both roughly 2$ to 4$ per pound. Organic is double, of course.

Strawberries are a bit less convenient from a storage perspective, as they tend to grow mold after a few days whereas tomatoes last quite a little longer.

There is some debate as to whether tomatoes are considered fruits or vegetables. As wikipedia states, it depends on the context. Botanically, it's a fruit. But, in grocery stores, it's classified as a vegetable due to the taste.

Now, let's get into the macro densities, normalized to 200 calories, as usual.

Nutrient Tomatoes Strawberries
Protein 10g 4g
Fiber 13g 12g
Fat ~ 0 ~ 0

It's not surprising that neither of these has much fat. And they're fiber density is pretty comperable. But, the mighty tomato earns a considerable win in the protein department at 2.5 times the protein per calorie. That's pretty much in-line with what other vegetables do, making it 100g of protein per 2000 calories: not bad. Now, let's take a look at the micronutrients.

Nutrient Tomatoes Strawberries
Calcium 20% 22%
Copper 66% 30%
Iron 15% 13%
Magnesium 29% 19%
Phosphorous 38% 21%
Potassium 75% 27%
Zinc 13% 6%
Manganese 55% 105%

As you can see, tomatoes really stand out for potassium, containing 3 times as much potassium per calorie compared to strawberries. Tomatoes also lead in several other minerals as well. And strawberries carry 2:1 more Manganese. Now, let's compare the vitamins.

Nutrient Tomatoes Strawberries
Vitamin A 52% 1%
B1 29% 11%
B2 13% 9%
B3 41% 15%
B5 20% 16%
B6 68% 22%
Vitamin C 157% 409%
Vitamin E 60% 18%
Vitamin K 73% 12%

Tomatoes have done it again. They're higher in almost every vitamin category, except for Vitamin C. Strawberries easily beat tomatoes in Vitamin C almost 3 to 1. Strawberries are so high in vitamin C, they rank in the top 10 highest foods for vitaminc, as you see on our Nutrient based Food/Recipe Finder

Well, that concludes our food fight. Don't let the result deter you from eating strawberries. Both of these foods are excellent additions to a healthy diet.

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