Maximize your nutrients, minize your calories

Reach Nearly 100 Micronutrients With Just 2 Foods

Spinach is incredibly dense with nutrition. Super high in Vitamins A,E,K Iron, Potassium and Magnesium. And, if your watching your electrolytes, Magnesium is probably one of the hardest minerals to get since few foods contain high amounts of it. The strategy I use, is to boil 1 lb of spinach in a big pot for 1 minute. It condenses down into a very small amount that fits on a plate. It's so convenient, you can do it anytime. You can top it off with a mixture of: Olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and balsamic vinegar. Or you can go totally hard core, like me, and eat it without any sauce. Just be careful when you boil it. Anything more than 1 minute can reduce the amount of vitamins. You can get a 2.5 lb bag of spinach for costco for about 3$: not bad. Anyways, here's the nutrition for 1 lb of spinach:

Tuna is super high in B12, Selenium and Vitamin D. Now, if we just add a little bit of tuna to the mix, we get the following:

And here is the macro breakdown:

Macro Grams Calories
Protein 38 152
Carbs 16 64
Fat 7 28

At this point, we're well on our way to reaching 100% micronutrients, in less than 250 calories!

Of course, you can dial up the flavor by adding some ingredients like they did in this tasty Spinach Recipe

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